The Surrealistic Pixel


Wind, in direct line with art in Milan, organized the exhibition-event '' The Surrealistic Pixel ''

Hosted in the Milanese Space of Wind, located in the fashion district, a new initiative linked to the enhancement of  Italian talents: '' The Surrealistic Pixel '' by Dotti.

Milan - Wind, following the success of the fashion event organized last 14th July in the Milanese Space of Corso Matteotti 8, reaffirms its proximity to the "rising stars" of the international creative scene, promoting a new event focused, this time, on the 'contemporary art. The Wind flagship store was the stage for the exhibition-event dedicated to the multimedia installation "The Surrealistic Pixel" by Dotti, whose exhibition, realized with the support of Maurice Dotta, will be curated by the critic Jacqueline Ceresoli.

On the evening of 6 October, from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm, the prestigious "Milanese space" of the located in the fashion district, hosted the presentation of an exceptional work inspired by the "Manifesto of Surrealism" by André Breton of 1924 revisited from the perspective of virtual reality and technology.

Touching a screen or intervening with graphic signs on the monitor and this exploration of the potentiality of a techno-painting to visualize a collective media unconscious is possible thanks to three-dimensionality and interactivity - explains the critic Jacqueline Ceresoli art. Dotti's goal is to alter the perception of space, materialize a liquid, immaterial environment, composed of moving parietal images, sounds, screens and projections in which the surreal potentials of technology are revealed, focusing on a visual communication of impact the technological soul of the Wind ".


The work is conceived by the artist  transformed, for the occasion, into a maxi-screen animated by projections to pixels, adopted in web graphics programs, sounds and other special effects, in a tribute to the "immaterial space" mentioned by Marshall McLuhan in reference to the "digitized" century that had already been prefigured by the surrealist vanguard. "The Surrealistic Pixel" is conceived as an environmental work in which seeing, communicating and touching are symbolically represented by the eye, mouth, ear and finger.