Milan  December 16th 2011 

Dotti - 0. Zero


curators: Jacqueline Ceresoli

ZERO is the synonym of emptiness, the number "0" derives from the Arabic numeration and indicates the lack of any value. At the dawn of 2012, suspended in anticipation of the advent of the Maya prophecy, which promises epochal changes, we have reached the Zero point, of no return, in which everything transforms into new vital energy. Each end promises a new beginning and the "0" Zero by Alessandro Dotti is the graphic sign, black on white, which configures an empty space: the space of subtraction in which everything regenerates and who will live will see.

After the black hole in the ozone, the global warming, the depletion of natural resources, the perennial environmental catastrophes, the social, moral and political degradation in our computerized civilization, dehumanized, in the cult of the money god, considered "the devil's dung "In the Middle Ages, the world in the current state of environmental, social and economic crisis will have to change, start from the void: from the desire to recover the solidarity pact between the lost men in the industrial era. Our society from the collective media, digital and computerized unconscious stands on the scaffolding of power, personal competition, hatred, indifference, individualism, cancer of humanity; It has come to an end.

Next stop is the Zero. Absolute zero, symbol of an empty space in which the full regenerates.

Emptiness is not nothingness, but a sign that configures a new fullness, in which there is a whole to be rewritten. This, in short, is the message of Alessandro Dotti, who for the first time deals with a work that finds its roots in the tradition of visual poetry.

Our mind saturated with neuronal stimuli, information, excesses of data, virtual contacts and taken by the anxiety of digital communication performance, sooner or later implode, for a natural process of entropy. Our mind too full of data, to protect the memory and balance, will erase everything, for a process of communication reduction and will wait for an empty stage: zero point of rebirth.

After a hypothetical "Big-bang" of reason, of vision, of the image and of the imaginary, after having zeroed the threshold state between the perception of data and the sedimentation of memory in memory. Observing Dotti's absolute Zero works, plunged into oblivion, we will find ourselves in doubt of being and of not having been.

The only certainty of having lived imprisoned in the categorical imperative: "I communicate and therefore I am", here dematerializes in a present tern.

Dotti's work at Zero propels us into the space of waiting for emptiness, in the threshold of silence. "0" configures the hope of a rebirth, the neutral zone of a future full of energy and changes.